Office of General Affairs


Spatial query

Duo Yun Yazhu space query
Duoyun Yazhu Building A pdf
1F, Building B, Duoyun Yazhu pdf
2F, Building B, Duoyun Yazhu pdf
1F, Building C, Duoyun Yazhu pdf
Duo Yun Yazhu Building C 2F pdf
Duo Yun Yazhu Building D pdf
Chi Qiang Building Space Inquiry
BF--F Dong Zhiqiang pdf
1F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
2F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
3F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
4F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
5F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
6F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
7F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
8F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
9F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
10F--F Dongzhiqiang pdf
Huguangtang floor plan
Huguang Hall - Exhibition for School Celebration pdf
Plum Pavilion space query
Meiguan BF (warehouse, digital computer professional classroom, solid oxide thin film laboratory, opto-mechanical system integration laboratory, field emission room electron microscope laboratory, X-ray micro-ejector laboratory, high-energy surface modification laboratory, electrical Pulp Process and Analysis Laboratory, Surface Engineering Laboratory) pdf
Plum Building 1F (Teaching Classroom) pdf
Mei Building 2F (International Conference Hall. Teaching Classroom) pdf
Meiguan 3F (Department of Landscape and Environmental Design, Department of Design Master's Laboratory, Department of Fashion Design, Department of Digital Design, Language Classroom, Design Lab, Mazu Cultural Institute, International Conference Hall) pdf
Mei Building 4F (Department of Academic Affairs - Department of Advanced Studies, International Conference Hall. Teacher Research Office. Digital Design Center. Digital Cultural and Creative Center) pdf
Meiguan 5F (Tiemei Art Center) pdf
Cold Pavilion Space Inquiry
Hanguan BF (Optoelectronic Information Laboratory. Basic Materials Laboratory. Plant Natural Material Analysis Laboratory. Organic Photoelectric Materials and Originals Laboratory. Nanomaterial Synthesis and Application Laboratory. Aerogel Laboratory. Microbiology Laboratory. Nano cum Thin Film Technology Laboratory) pdf
Cold Building 1F (Smart Academy of Sciences. Optoelectronic Design Laboratory. Energy Research Center. Biotechnology Core Laboratory. Biological Resources Laboratory. Fuel Cell Laboratory) pdf
Cold Building 2F (Office of the President of the Smart Academy of Sciences, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Conference Room of the Smart Academy of Sciences. Solar Photoelectric Research Center. Solar Cell Test Piece Measurement Room. Solar Cell Process Laboratory) pdf
Cold Building 3F (Information Communication Department, Physics and Chemistry Laboratory. Tissue Culture and Microbiology Laboratory. Environmental Science and Technology Disaster Prevention Research Center. Plant Nutrition and Natural Substance Analysis Laboratory) jpg
Cold Building 4F (Department of Fine Agriculture, Teacher's Laboratory. Hydrogen Energy Laboratory) pdf
Xingjian Activity Center Space Query
1F--Building E-Xingjian-Jurentang (Comprehensive Stadium). Heated swimming pool. Sports center office. Health security team. Dance classroom. Jiwei activity center) pdf
2F--Building E, Xingjian, Counseling Room. Counseling Center. Breastfeeding Room. Makeup Classroom. Hairstyling Classroom. Fitness Center. Billiard Classroom. Plant Factory. Music Practice Room. pdf
3F--Building E-Xingjian-Digital Department Studio. Overall Modeling Creation Classroom. Extracurricular Activities Guidance Group. Student Government Association Office pdf
4F--E Building Xingjian - Office of Comprehensive Service Clubs. Office of Academic Skills Clubs. Office of Art and Recreation Clubs. Office of Sports Clubs. Office of Student Clubs pdf
5F--E Building Xingjian-Teacher's Laboratory pdf
6F--E Building Xingjian-Music Practice Room pdf
Chengzheng Library Space Inquiry
(BF--H Building Chengzheng) Periodical Room. Multimedia Visual Area. Children's Book Area pdf
(1F-H Building Chengzheng) Curator's Room. Wenjin Pavilion. Huanyuxuan. Conference Room. Library Management Group pdf
(2F-H Building Chengzheng) Digital Studio. Seminar Room. Chinese and Western Books pdf
(3F--H Building Chengzheng) Curriculum and Teaching Research Institute Office. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar Room pdf
(4F--H Building Chengzheng) pdf
Enlightenment Building Space Inquiry
Kaiwu Building BF (Caixuan Photocopying Store. Broadband Network Multimedia Communication Laboratory. Virtual Studio. Digital Logic Design Laboratory. Intelligent Robot Laboratory. Intelligent Image Application Laboratory. Sinology Seminar Room) pdf
Kaiwu Building 1F (Small Theater. Calligraphy Classroom. School of Humanities and Design. Office of the Department of Chinese Culture and Communication. Office of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages) pdf
Enlightenment Building 2F (computer classroom. Professional language classroom) pdf
Enlightenment Building 3F (Computer Classroom. School of Business Administration. Department of Business Management. Chinese Studies Research Center, EMBA Office of Advanced Enterprise Management Master Class) pdf
Kaiwu Building 4F (International Affairs Office) pdf
Boling Building Space Inquiry
Boling Building BF (Empty Refuge) pdf
Boling Building 1F (Lobby. General Affairs Office. Mailing Room) pdf
Boling Building 2F (Student Affairs Office, Academic Affairs Office, Information Center, General Education Center, School Safety and Environmental Safety Center) pdf
Boling Building 3F (International Affairs Office, Accounting Office. Research and Development Office. Human Resources Office. Promotion Office) pdf
Boling Building 4F (Principal's Office, Secretariat) pdf
Boling Building 5F (Liangzhi Hall (320 seats) pdf