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Guidelines for Administrative Organs and Schools to Reduce the Use of Disposable Cutlery and Packaged Drinking Water

  • 2021-11-23
Regarding the implementation of the "Guidelines for Administrative Organs and Schools to Reduce the Use of Disposable Tableware and Packaged Drinking Water" announced by the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Changhua County has set a trial period from July to December 2011, and it will be implemented on December 31, 2011. Please check.
1. According to the letter of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan, No. 1101133967 dated September 29, 2011.

2. The main implementation objects, methods and supporting measures of the Guidelines for Purpose Exposure are as follows:
(1) Implementation objects and methods
1. Objects: Central secondary agencies under the Executive Yuan, municipal and county (city) governments, township (town, city) offices and their subordinate agencies, schools, conferences, trainings and meetings sponsored or conducted in their general offices and campuses. Activity.
2. Implementation method: instead of providing disposable tableware, packaged water and single-use beverage cups, reusable tableware (such as tin box lunches) and water dispensers or bottled water are provided instead, and activities are handled by free, rental or deposit borrowing. Provides repeated washing of dishes.
3. Exclusions: Government agencies and schools cannot implement measures to reduce the use of single-use products due to uncooperative catering operators, or there are other special circumstances that require the use of single-use products (such as food or drinking water for infectious disease sprayers). etc.), the use of single-use products may be approved by the head of the agency or its authorized personnel.
(2) Supporting measures
1. Meetings and training
(1) Internal use
A. Caterers are invited to serve meals in environmentally friendly lunch boxes (such as tin box lunches).
B. Institutions and schools provide their own environmentally friendly containers to provide food and beverages.
C. When ordering catering, participants should bring their own containers or the organizer should prepare containers.
D. Water dispensers or bottled water are provided, but packaged water and single-use drink cups are not provided.
(2) Takeout
A. Inform the participants in the meeting or training notice that only environmentally friendly lunch boxes are available for on-site dining, not for take-out.
B. Meals other than bento are provided and packaged in non-plastic materials.
2. Handling activities
(1) Event site
A. Provide environmentally friendly tableware.
B. Provide tableware and drink cups for rent.
C. Offer discounts on self-bred tableware.
D. Set up a water dispenser or bottled water.
(2) Meals are taken away from the event site
A. Offer your own tableware discount.
B. Provide non-plastic disposable tableware.

(3) All units are requested to add warnings in response to the reduction of one-time use products in meetings, training notices and event information.

(4) Attach the "Guidelines for Administrative Organs and Schools to Reduce the Use of Disposable Cutlery and Packaged Drinking Water" and promotional materials.